Hi, I'm Sezer İltekin 👋🏼
I am a self-taught iOS Developer 👨🏻‍💻

I love to learn, code and produce creative content 💡 This has been my lifestyle since childhood and I will continue to learn and improve myself 🧠 throughout my life.

I've been developing websites and web applications using PHP 🐘 since 2016. You can see a small part of my work on my portfolio page. Along with PHP, of course, I also use HTML, CSS and JavaScript in my projects. In 2021, I decided to switch from Web to Mobile development and nowadays I am writing my codes in Swift language to be an iOS Developer 👨🏻‍💻

You can find me on: Github - HackerRank - LinkedIn - Twitter

The schools (mostly open-education) I graduated from:

  • Kocaeli University / Race Horse Trainering (2008)
  • P.Academy / Associate Degree (2010)
  • Anadolu University / Business Administration (2011)
  • Anadolu University / Social Media Management (2015)
  • Anadolu University / Photography And Camera Operation (2017)
  • Anadolu University / Web Design And Development (2019)
  • Anadolu University / Management Information Systems (Started in 2022)

I also have an award-winning 🏆 Turkish personal blog called "Words are Mine" where I write about my life, my thoughts and my experiences.

Feel free to contact with me on